Colombia A Dream Land


Welcome to Cartagena, Cartagena is a fantastic city that guards the secrets of history in its walls, balconies, buildings and narrow cobbled streets.


La magic of Cartagena lies in its massive fortifications, the warmth of the people, the richness of the architecture and the infinite range of cultural expression of a doughty and valiant people.

The city is full of romance, and there is the setting for many a tale of times past in every street and square, and along the walls that bound it, waiting for the sunset to evoke past struggles.

On a sunny day vibrates with color along the facades of the buildings and the sea breeze refreshes the visitor on his way along the narrow streets of the old city.


Turist Information and Recommendations


Cartagena's climate is typically Caribbean; its average annual temperature of 28°C changes very little. Although the days are hot, a fresh breeze blows in the evening, making this a pleasant time to stroll around the city. Theoretically, the driest period is from December to April, while October and November are the wettest months


Ordinary buses: tickets are $1,100 Colombian pesos (about US$0.60)