Colombia A Dream Land


Colombians love to live the good live, in each of our cities a dynamic culture can be notice given the influence of international tendencies. Proof of this is the many festival that are celebrated throughout the year: Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena (Cinema Festival), Festival Internacional del Libro (International Book Festival), Festival del Jazz (Jazz Festival), Festival de teatro (Theatre Festival), and many more. In Colombia we enjoy a high standard education where three of our universities are in the top ten in Sout America. We enjoy a high technological hospitals as well as a great infractucture througout the country.

Colombian favorite sport is soccer; over the years Colombia has provided exceptional soccer teams, both domestic and national, and a plethora of gifted players. Colombian soccer has fascinated fans around the world, from the early years of Colombia's national soccer league in the 1940s and 50s when many of the best players in the world plied their trade at Colombia's clubs, to the glory years of the Colombian national team in the 90s. In 2011 Colombia hosted the FIFA Under 20 World Cup where it was categorize to be one of the best youth world cups made.

Colombian Music

Colombia is known for the variety of music; including:

Colombia Conexion (Spanish Rock)- Aterciopelados

Cali Pachangero(Colombian Salsa)- Grupo Niche

Usted Me Va A Perdonar (Colombian Llanero Music)- Reynaldo Armas

La Gota Fria (Vallenato)- Carlos Vives

Compae Chipuco (Vallenato)- Carlos Vives

Pasodoble (Passodoble, Salsa)- Guayacan Orquesta